CatOS to IOS

Just some more examples to jog my memory ;)

CatOSNative IOS
set vlan [vlan-id] [mod]/[port]interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
 switchport mode access
 switchport access vlan [vlan-id]
set port enable [mod]/[port]interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
 no shutdown
set port disable [mod]/[port]interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
set spantree portfastinterface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
 spanning-tree portfast
set port speed [mod]/[port] [auto/10/100/1000]interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
 speed [auto/10/100/1000]
set port duplex [mod]/[port] [half/full]
(Note: Auto duplex automatically set with speed auto)
interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
 duplex [auto/full/half]
reset systemreload
show cam dynamicshow mac-address-table dynamic
show channelshow etherchannel summary
show port [mod]/[port]show interface [gigabit/fastethernet][mod]/[port]
show spantreeshow spanning-tree
show trunkshow interfaces trunk
show vlanshow vlan
show vtp domainshow vtp status
set system name [label]hostname [label]
set spantree backbonefastspanning-tree backbonefast
set spantree macreduction tablespanning-tree extend system-id