Mac OS X "SOE" Day 2

Page Redirection continued ...

  1. Started by purchasing Lion 10.7.3 from the app store.
  2. Installed it to a mac to be used as my "admin" machine.
  3. Created a external Lion Recovery disk using the Lion Recovery Disk assistant http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4848
  4. Booted an iMac 11,2 from the new recovery disk.
  5. Installed a full "vanilla" Lion Install.
    (The only consideration for different environments is whether you want to do a custom install and modify the printer drivers. I just installed everything).
  6. Rebooted the  iMac 11,2  into TARGET DISK mode prior to any setup or registration wizards running.
  7. Captured a dmg of the iMac 11,2  that I will call OSX_10.7.3_VANILLA.dmg that I can use later to begin image capturing so I don't  need to go through the entire install all over again.
  8. I'm ready to copy my "build" scripts to the disk now.

My only other considerations (that will requiring future testing) are;
  • is the app store smart? ie, is the installer I downloaded, model specific? does this mean my dmg will only be functional for iMac11,2 models or can it be a "MASTER" image?
  • does booting into single user mode change anything on the OS or is it as close to possible as a non-booted system?

Stay tuned...